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Inicio \ IPN Monthly Newsletter - August 2019

IPN Monthly Newsletter - August 2019

Historias con futuro

85 years of Pre-school Education in the IPN

On Friday, August 30, the TV program Historias con Futuro broadcast by Canal Institucional, will be dedicated to the 85 years of Preschool Education in the IPN. 

85 years of Preschool Education in the IPN



New institutional card

The new institucional card for students, teachers, official workers and administrative officials is a smart card with long-lasting holographic lamination. It also has a QR reader and bar code to articulate the QR readers of the University Welfare services (Restaurant and Bicycles) and the Library. With this card the whole community can get discounts in different services and places such as Emermédica, Didácticos Pinocho, Spinning Center Gym, Teatro La Candelaria and Editorial Magisterio.

The final delivery of these cards to UPN students, teachers, administrative officers and official workers (UPN, IPN, Escuela Maternal) will be from 16 to 21 September.



Care and self-care in physical activity

Students often suffer injuries when they do physical activity. It is very important to take the necessary precautions to avoid bone fractures, ligament ruptures, concussions, problems in the lumbar area, among others. 

Parents are asked to heed the informative circular dated April 25th, 2019, in which a request is made to provide the group director with a medical record in case that a student presents a condition or has a recommendation for special care at school such as an impediment or restriction to do any physical activity or exercise, or if he/she is under permanent medical treatment.

Early childhood and creativity

As part of the 85th anniversary of Pre-school Education in the IPN, we had the opportunity to attend an interesting talk given by Dr. María Angélica Lucas Sátiro, a  renowned Brazilian educationist. Surely, her contributions favor the processes related to early childhood and creativity in school. We thank Professor Maximiliano Prada for the interest and support in the realization of this event.

Integrated Curriculum in our PEI

The Integrated Curriculum involves the articulation of the curriculum in the processes of selection, organization and distribution of contents. To carry out this, each area and the set of activities that are part of the curriculum develop different strategies to guarantee such integrality. The processes where the articulation happens are: area work, integrated academic spaces and complementary curricular activities (workshops, cross-cutting and extracurricular projects). All of them are combined differentially with each other according to the dynamics of the community,  making sure that the relevant contents of each area are taken into account. 

Know our PEI


Presentation of trophies

IPN Ultimate and Men's and Women's Volleyball teams presented the school Coordinators and the Principal the trophies won in the tournaments in which they have participated. Congratulations and thanks for their outstanding representation. We invite them to continue making sport a great pillar of their training.


Protection of minors

Article 2

Whoever consumes, carries or stores narcotic drugs or substances that cause addiction, in an amount considered as a personal dose, in educational institutions, in surrounding places to them or in minors’ residences, will be penalized with a fine from four (4) to eight (8) legal monthly minimum wages.

Article 9

When the author of any of the contraventional behaviors described in this act is a minor, he may be subjected to rehabilitation and detoxification treatment at the expense of the State, at the request of the parents and after evaluation by the Family Defender, in accordance with the procedure provided for in Act 124,1994.

(Act 745, 2002 which typifies as contravention the consumption and bearing of personal doses of narcotic drugs or substances that cause dependence with danger to minors and family).


Math Gallery

Ninth graders designed a gallery with artwork inspired by geometric shapes in order to show second and third dimension in a real context as well as strengthen students' creativity. Good job!



Spelling Bee Contest

Students of Primary and Secondary levels represented our school in the Spelling Bee Contest held in the facilities of Liceo Cervantes El Retiro and had a prominent participation in the different categories. Among the awards is the one won by Sofia Duque Ardila (701), who got the first place in Third Category.

Other awards:

Third Category

Natalia Moreno Cárdenas- 803  (Third place)

Fourth Category

María Camila Cárdenas Amézquita- 901 (Second place)

Juan José Obando Huérfano-1103 (Third place)



Congratulations to all the participating students!


[Information source] 
Principal Mauricio Bautista Ballén

[Edition and translation] 
English Teacher Ximena Gaitán Hernández

Enrique Montenegro - Corporate Communications Group