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Inicio \ Boletin No. 31: IPN Monthly newsletter - September 2019

Boletin No. 31: IPN Monthly newsletter - September 2019

IPN students in the UPN

On September 25th, four students from Special Education Section started working in the UPN restaurant (72 Street) under the direction of Chef Darío Castañeda. This initiative is part of the options and supports for the transition to adult life as a social model of inclusion that ensures personal and productive training and development as well as citizen participation of young people with intellectual disabilities.



Special Education Labor Fair

Last Friday, September 20th, the Special Education Labor Fair  was held in the IPN facilities. Students, teachers, parents and training teachers participated in the organization and development of this important event in which our community had the opportunity to buy desserts, handicrafts and handworks made by the section members. Great job!



IX PEDMUN Youth and Global Society

From September 11th to September 13th, it was held IX PEDMUN in the IPN with the participation of different schools. We thank and highlight the work of teachers and students who organized this event.


XVII María Inmaculada School Danzarte Festival

The Institutional Dance Group participated in the XVII María Inmaculada School Danzarte Festival accompanied by the Latin Orchestra and the IPN Jazz Group.


IPN portfolio

We invite the families to review outstanding accounts with the IPN in relation to school fees. At this time, the portfolio cost is high and although at the end of the year this cost decreases, the UPN cannot wait that long for these payments because of the financial consequences that this entails.


Participation in Intercolegiados Supérate 2019

Congratulations to the IPN women's volleyball team for getting the second place in Intercolegiados Supérate 2019 and to our men's volleyball team for getting the fourth place. We highlight their outstanding participation and dedication in this important event whose matches were played in Parque Recreodeportivo El Salitre.



The training of teachers in the IPN

The IPN is a practice center of the UPN. It is a teacher school that allows training teachers to know, understand and act in a classroom environment as well as living school life. It is an opportunity to articulate the knowledge acquired at the university to the knowledge, proposals and practices of its teachers. To train teachers implies an emphasis on pedagogical practices.

The UPN students who develop their practice in the IPN assume it as a moment of self-reflection, in so far as it is part of a process of research, innovation and didactic experimentation. For this purpose, processes of registration, analysis and self-assessment are carried out after school interactions.


[Information source] 
Principal Mauricio Bautista Ballén

[Edition and translation] 
English Teacher Ximena Gaitán Hernández

Enrique Montenegro - Corporate Communications Group