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Inicio \ IPN Monthly newsletter - October 2019

IPN Monthly newsletter - October 2019

Student’s day

On October 31st, IPN student’s day was celebrated. It was a day full of color, pictures, candies, customes, makeup and fun. The traditional costume parades were amazing  and everybody enjoyed them. We thank all those who made this celebration possible. 


Celebrating 85 years

Last October 25th, IPN community celebrated the 85th anniversary of Preschool. It was a good moment to remember that IPN Kindergarten initiates its work in 1934 for three main purposes:

1. To open the career of child governess for middle class ladies.
2. To create other kindergartens in the city with trained women.
3. To end the multiple superstitions that exist in all circles regarding the care of the child.

(Radke, 1936, p. 22). Taken from IPN PEI


Grand Prix

On October 18, fifth graders held the annual Grand Prix event. They all participated in this important activity which is the result of the year-round work process in Technology area. Congratulations to all students, teachers and families who supported this event.


Proyecto Fronteras Anniversary

Proyecto Fronteras was born from the need to strengthen close neighbourly ties with schools with which we share boundaries. The participating schools are public in nature each with similar characteristics: Centro Cultural y Educativo Reyes Católicos is a unit of the Spanish Embassy, the IPN is an administrative academic unit of the UPN and IED Usaquén is an educational institution dependent on Secretaría de Educación Distrital. Our best efforts to keep this project contributing to the academic, social and cultural growth of these three schools. 



Training teachers’ card

We request UPN training teachers who develop their practices at the IPN to carry their university student card visibly.This allows us to have control of people who enter the institution and who belong to our community.


School Newspaper

We invite you to read the second edition of our school newspaper.

EL SENTIPENSANTE. Now available!



[Information source] 
Principal Mauricio Bautista Ballén

[Edition and translation] 
English Teacher Ximena Gaitán Hernández

Enrique Montenegro - Corporate Communications Group