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Inicio \ IPN Monthly newsletter - November 2019

IPN Monthly newsletter - November 2019

II Pedagogy Meeting

On November 1st, the II Pedagogy Meeting was held in the IPN and CCRC facilities. We had the participation of Professor Sandra Durán Chiappe in the initial conference on Early Childhood Education, who highlighted the 85th anniversary of Preschool Section in our school. Working sessions and panel discussions were held with external guests, with teachers from the UPN, from Centro Cultural Reyes Católicos and IED Usaquén, within Proyecto Fronteras framework, and with teachers from the IPN. Topics related to inclusion, political participation, integrated curriculum, interdisciplinarity and evaluation were discussed. 

To close the event, we had a lecture about an innovative experience by Adriana Paola González Valcárcel, the winner of Premio Compartir 2019.

We thank the organizers and all those who contributed to carry out this event.


Donation from the Embassy of the

People's Republic of China (Taiwan)

The Embassy of the People's Republic of China (Taiwan) donated 9 laptops to the IPN. On Tuesday, November 12th, the official donation ceremony was held by the Ambassador of Taiwan in Colombia, Mr. José Han. We thank the Ambassador and the Deputy Director of Taipei Commercial Office in Colombia, Cielo Shu-hui Lee.The approach with this Embassy has been possible thanks to our alumnus Juan Manuel Galán Pachón, who was at the donation ceremony with Mrs. Gloria Pachón de Galán, who gave us five copies of the book entitled "18 de Agosto" in which she tells for the first time, the story of her husband, the presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento, who was killed three decades ago.



Fifth Grade Thanksgiving Ceremony 

On November 14th, the Fifth Grade Thanksgiving Ceremony was held. The fifth graders  handed over the IPN flag to the fourth graders and received the IPN shield from the sixth graders. They thanked their families and the school for the support and the wonderful experiences they have lived. Congratulations and our best wishes!


Soccer runners-up

Congratulations to the women´s soccer team players for winning the runners-up trophy in the tournament held at Colegio Agustiniano Norte.

Good job!



Proyecto Fronteras Inclusion Day

On November 13th, the Inclusion Day took place at Centro Cultural Reyes Católicos. This activity was carried out jointly with the IPN and it was aimed to foster the interrelationship between the CCRC students and the IPN Special Education students. They did practical workshops, geared towards recognizing  the importance of integration. The day has been highly valued by all participants, leaving the door open to new experiences.


New School

Day 2020

In 2020, Kindergarten and Transition students will have a new school day. It will start at 7 a.m. and it will finish at 2:10 p.m. In this way, we hope to contribute to their well-being





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Principal Mauricio Bautista Ballén

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English Teacher Ximena Gaitán Hernández

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